The most rewarding thing about what we do are the changes in peoples lives that we see all day. It never gets old hearing how much we have helped others. Here are just a few of our success stories. Call us now so you can get helped too. We look forward to serving you.


I came to see Dr Hartley because of a shoulder injury that was keeping me from being able to cast when fly fishing, which was totally unacceptable to me. After just 3 visits with Dr Hartley I was able to fly cast again! Soon after I went on a trip and was able to fly cast again steadily for a week. Another benefit that came from seeing Dr Hartley was that I was able to sleep on my side again after not being able to for 3 years. I keep Dr Hartley in my phone as miracle worker!


Age 62


I suffered a snowmobile accident when I was 14 where I blew out my hip flexors, had chronic full spine pain and was taking 14 aleve a day finishing 8th grade. I went to 12 different professionals over the summer between middle and high school with no luck. I had to drop out of traditional school. I was bedridden through out high school and it was a miracle I graduated. I met Dr Hartley 2 days after I graduated and I told her I wanted to go to college. I saw her 3 times a day, 3 days a week and by the end of summer my pain was under control enough to enter college as a full time student. This may I will be graduating! Dr Hartley gave me my life back 8 years later.


Age 21, Holistic Medicine Student