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Long before modern medicine and man-made medications existed, people were taking their cures from the Earth in the form of herbs. In fact, most pharmaceuticals started with the observation of a whole food or herbal food benefit, which was them scientifically segregated out or changed so as to be placed in a pull or patented. We are amazed every day how quickly and effectively herbal solution work for people, in with chronic and “untreatable” conditions.

All our herbs come from 100% certified organic sources. They come from the earth, and are used as “whole food” products. This means that the entire herb is used, rathe than being scientifically or chemically segregated. Using the “whole food” means that the body can absorb them fully, all necessary constituents are naturally present, and negative side effects are significantly reduced.

No Side Effects
Herbs typically have far fewer side effects than your typical pharmaceutical. The side effects hat they do have are usually much less severe than those of pharmaceutical products. In most cases slight rash, nausea or mild stomach upset are the worst you’ll experience from herbs. On the other hand, many modern medications have long lists of negative and even life-threatening side effects including but not limited to things such as addiction, emotional impairment, liver damage even death.

Because they are natural and renewable, the cost of herbs is typically much less than engineered drugs. In addition, herbs can be safely grown anywhere, and are therefore sustainable and even beneficially to the earth, as long as they are grown and harvested in sustainable practices (all our herbs come from organic sustainable sources).

It is proposed by many herbal practitioners and herb users that the FDA’s refusal to endorse herbs as good medicine is simply a way to keep more money in the pocket of Big Pharma. Theories aside, people are frequently steered away from natural cures, being told that they are “ineffective”, “dangerous” or “quackery”. This often occurs through uneducated medical practitioners, uninformed friends or family members or misinformation that is rampant on the internet. This negative propaganda is simply not true. Herbs have been used since the early days of man and due to modern knowledge they can be used even more effectively and safely now than ever before. In fact, there are more concerns, side effects, long-term unknowns and interactions with pharmaceuticals than there are with drugs. We therefore encourage everyone to be just as cautious (if not more so) with synthetically derived sources (all pharmaceuticals and some food products) as they are with herbal alternatives. As in all things, educate yourself. Once you do we feel the answer will be clear.

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